Constantly produced smells need more than a 'quick spray' to control the odour. Some of the most demanding situations are where domestic animals or livestock is being produced in intensive or confined conditions. Or where wastes or wastewater are being treated.

  • Catteries and kennels
  • Pigs, poultry, horses, cattle feedlots
  • Wastewater and waste treatment
  • Composting
  • possum

We have even been asked about controlling the smell from native animals such as possums. And yes, we can do that too!

In all these instances an odour management program needs to be put in place to give consistent and ongoing relief from smells.

Odour Control Steps

  • A thorough clean and initial mist spray of the effected area eg concrete yard or exercise area
  • Changes to the cleaning regime to encourage the beneficial bacteria, fungi and yeasts to establish and outcompete the 'bad guys'
  • A regular or automated spray misting setup to control airborne contaminants
  • An emergency program for those 'spikes' in odour problems due to for example occasional overcrowding, sick animals or hot, humid conditions

For wastewater, solid wastes or composting processes, the odour control applications are best integrated into the treatment or composting process. By improving the microbial balance in these processes, odours will be reduced and the treatment or composting processes will yield much improved results.

Please contact us to discuss you particular circumstances so we can develop a suitable program to suit our needs.