smellgone application methods Smellgone uses a range of products and technologies to control the target odours. Both our dry powder and liquid products use pro-biotic (friendly) micro-organisms to eat up the wastes, the smells and the 'bad' bacteria responsible.

All of our liquid products must be sprayed and in general the finer the spray the better. For some applications we 'mist' the spray to a very fine droplet size of 20 to 30 microns, that is droplets of only 20 to 30 thousandths of a millimetre! In comparison, the water droplets in a fine rain are around 300 to 1000 microns, that is 1/3 to 1 mm in diameter. Depending on the scale of the task we may use hand held manual spray units, small handheld electric mister/fogger units, drum mounted misters, backpack mounted motor driven blower /misters, trailer mounted spray misters or a tractor mounted Turbo-Mister Super Cannon which is capable of blowing a very fine mist of odour control spray some 20-30 metres at a rateof over 1000 litres an hour.

smellgone application methods As explained in the section on Odour problem?, where a smell is repeatedly or continually produced, a one-off treatment will provide short term relief but is unlikely to have any lasting effect. Re-treatment is usually required in these types of situations and may include a separate automated spray misting program or it may be incorporated into an existing spray program used for cooling for instance, in a poultry shed.

We can develop an odour control program to suit your needs and train you in its use or provide technicians to carry out the work for you on a contract basis. Please contact us for details.