Working With Nature Not Against Her

Smellgone uses a pro-biotic approach (see to safely and effectively control odours and the source of the odour.

The Good Guys

You might be familiar with dietary supplements such as yogurts or capsules of 'beneficial bacteria' that you can take to maintain a healthy gut flora, Smellgone uses a similar approach and uses 'good' bacteria, fungi and yeasts to break down the offensive waste substances and at the same time, out compete the 'bad' bacteria responsible for breaking down the offensive substances into often equably disgusting byproducts.

Microbial Balancing

Another way of describing what Smellgone products and technologies do is 'microbial balancing'. This working with nature is quite different to the disinfect and sanitise approach that attempts to kill all the bacteria, the good and the bad. What often happens in those cases is that the some bacteria don't die and often it is the 'bad' ones that are toughest and survive. End result, more bad bacteria and poorer conditions and smells.

Spray Application

How Smellgone products are applied is important. The liquid products must be diluted to the correct strength with water and sprayed. The finer the spray the better. It is also better to apply a repeat spraying rather than jut one a heavy 'wetting' application. The timing of the applications will vary and depends on whether the odour is a one off, for example from a puppy making a mess at one place on the carpet, or a recurring smell such as;

  • a cat litter tray, cattery or kennels area
  • waste or wastewater processing
  • compost making

We can supply a range of application methods for you to use or carry out the odour control program for you. Application methods range from:

  • small bottles of ready to use mist spray Smellgone Rapid
  • 500 ml spray bottles with Odour Control Concentrate
  • 2.5 L Super Spray packs
  • 4L electric mist/spray units
  • 15L motorised backpack mist blower/sprayers
  • 300L motorized spray units with boom
  • Larger equipment is available if necessary
  • automated/programmed spray units for indoor or outdoor use.

Smellgone dry products such as Smellgone OCP (Odour Control Powder) are scattered over the effected area. They require some moisture to become 'active so if conditions are dry then the area should be lightly misted with water, once the OCP has been spread.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all about the suitability or use of any of the Smellgone range of products.