Wastewater Starter

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Wastewater Starter contains our specially selected bacteria along with additional nutrients and trace elements that get your septic tank or treatment system off to a flying start. Whether you are starting off a new tank or system, or re-starting an older one after a pump-out or a problem, Wastewater Starter will ensure the right 'bugs' are on hand and ready to begin processing wastes, without smells.

Simply mix 500 ml of Wastewater Starter in 2 litres of water and spray into the tank (good for upto 5,000 litres capacity). For a septic tank, spray into the primary tank. For wastewater treatment systems such as Biocycles, Envirocycles and the like, spray half of the mixture into the primary (septic) tank or compartment and spray the other half into the aerated tank or compartment.

It is also beneficial to add Odour Control Powder to the septic tank or primary compartment/tank of a treatment system, 2 litres of Powder is sufficient for upto a 5,000 litre tank. Odour Control Powder is excellent at helping establish an effective 'crust' in your septic tank or system. In Ozzi Kleen or other activated sludge type systems, adding Odour Control Powder to the main tank will assist in building a good activated sludge.

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