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Where a holding tank is used for more than 24 hours at a time, it is best to inoculate the tank itelf with our Caravan Treatment (CT) at the beginning of the use period and again after emptying it, if you are going to continue using it on that trip. CT contains our hungry bacteria and yeasts along with additional nutrients to get them off to a running start and sustain their activity in what is a 'hostile' environment.

If you routinely use a chemical 'disinfectant' type additive for your holding tank, do not combine it with CT. The chemical disinfectant will kill the beneficial bacteria in CT just as quickly as it kills the other 'bad' bacteria that produce the smells.

Dose rates for CT depend on the size of the holding tank, as a guide, 250 ml is sufficient to treat a 500 litre tank, but should be considered as the minimum dose for any holding tank 500 litres or smaller.

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