Cattle, Horses & Poultry

Where large numbers of animals are grown or kept together odour problems can be more severe.

First Step

  • Following normal hygiene procedures such as clean up of solid wastes and hosing down of hard areas. Smellgone can provide specific probiotic seeding agents to add to the washdown water.
  • Where animals such as poultry are kept on a dry litter substrate it is impotant to mimise moisture content in the litter material to control odour production. Smellgone OCP (Odour Control Powder) can be incorpated into the bedding material to assist with odour control.

Second Step

  • Spray misting with specifc odor control probiptic perparaions as part of the norma cooling or humidity control process will assist in controlling airborne odours.
  • Initially this can be done each time you carry out a normal clean, eg daily. Once the good guys are established you can often reduce the applications to once every few days.
  • Cat litter trays, food bowls etc can be washed with a 1 in 10 dilution and then rinsed in clean water.
  • A cup full of Smellgone OCP (Odour Control Powder) can be added to a litter tray of your normal litter tray material. This will provide long lasting relief from odours between washings.
  • Smellgone OCP can also be scattered over grassed or bare soil areas to help control odours in these instances.
Super Quiet Oscillating Mist unit

Third Step

  • n enclosed or indoor situations where large numbers of cats or dogs may be housed, an automated spray misting program may be necessary to control airborne odours.

We have a variety of systems available from hand held units to automated mist blowers or Super Quiet Oscillating Mist units that won't disturb you or your pets.

Please contact us for details.