Odour Problems and Solutions

Composting of domestic organic wastes can be carried out in a conventional compost bin or tumbler, along with the addition of Odour Control Powder.

Commercial composting requires a larger scale approach and, depending on the type of materials to be composted, may require specialist inoculants to deal with difficult to break down substances such as biosolids or very fibrous materials such as palm fronds.

Commercial Composting

smellgone for composting odours Commercial composting facilities are sometimes confronted with organic wastes that are difficult to compost and also create highly undesirable smells. Materials such as Bio-solids, (including septic and grease trap waste), animal manures, abattoir and food processing wastes all have their own composting and handling difficulties.

In addition some types of material such as wood products high in tannins and resins (eg Pine sawdust) can be difficult for conventional composting processes to deal with.

Fortunately Smellgone is able to assist with a range of products and services that enable the processor to better handle these difficult materials by applying particular blends of composting and fermentation organisms with specialist equipment.

Odour problems can become a thing of the past thus reducing complaints and ultimately producing a better, enhanced compost at the same time.

Because no "one size fits all", please contact us so that we can develop an inoculation program for your facility.

We can also develop an overall composting program for your facility in conjunction with your own Consultant or our contracted Composting Consultant. Please contact us for details.

General Information on Compost Starter/Activator Solutions

These solutions contain a mixture of live micro-organisms to 'kick-start' and maintain the composting process in a regular compost heap, windrow or covered area.

The starter culture initiates the composting process and helps unlock the nutrients present in the compost material. Together with the Microbial seeding agent a superior enhanced compost is the result, with the added benefit of soil enrichment with the full suite of beneficial micro-organisms.

For many composting mixtures these two sprays are sufficient. Where more difficult to breakdown or odiferous materials are present, further additives may be necessary. These include a Digester Solution for heavy duty 'cracking' of stubborn materials and compounds and microbial 'cleaning' solutions which first attack difficult fats and ready these difficult compounds for breakdown by other micro-organisms in the solutions.

Please contact us for details of application rates, methods and costs.

General Information on Odour Control Powder

OC Powder contains a mixture of live micro-organisms in a 'resting' stage on an organic medium. OC Powder is very effective in rapid control of organic odours when applied to the entire area at the rate of 250 g of powder per square metre of effected area.

It is also a valuable additive for the inoculation of compost. However for large applications it is more cost effective to spray inoculate with starter cultures.

OC Powder is however very useful where rapid odour control is needed in an emergency or spill situation.

Please contact us for details of larger pack sizes and costs. OC Powder is a living culture and has generally only a 6 month usable life. It must be stored in a cool preferably dark place but cannot be refrigerated or frozen.

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