smellgone for toilets Sources of some pretty foul odours, it must be said. First, for immediate relief from 'user produced' smells, use Smellgone Rapid. Smellgone products are not just 'deodorizers' that spray a perfume over the top of the bad smell. Smellgone products actually 'eat up' the bad smells so they have a lasting effect after the initial control of the odour has been achieved.

Toilet bowl and cistern deodorizers or cleaners that hang in a little basket add a small amount of disinfectant and perfume at every flush. In addition, every week or so you are likely going to clean the toilet with one of the TV advertised toilet cleaners which are in the main a concentrated solution of disinfectant, detergent and perfume.

smellgone for toilets If you are on town sewage then your wastewater is combined with everybody else's and treated at the sewage treatment works. They have the problem of dealing with all those disinfectants that seriously effect the bacteria which actually do most of the water treatment.

If your toilet and greywater is treated at your place in some sort of onsite wastewater treatment system, be that a septic tank or an aerated wastewater treatment system for instance, then you have to 'look after' those beneficial bacteria so that they can do their job.

You need cleaners and odour control methods which are "not harmful to your tank, but are actually good for it!"

smellgone for toilets smellgone for toilets The beneficial microorganisms in Smellgone products and also the Odour Control Concentrate diluted 1 part concentrate to 10 parts water, as a cleaner, (instead of 1:100 as an odour control spray) provide effective cleaning and support for your septic tank or treatment system.