Kitchen Sinks and Grease Traps

smellgone for kitchen sink odours Grease traps are supposed to collect all the fats and oils in the water from the kitchen sink, before it gets to the greywater pump well. Grease traps help treat the kitchen greywater, (septic tanks treat the toilet (black) water). All other water from the laundry, bath, shower (and kitchen) goes to the grease1smallgreywater pump well where it is either sprayed out or distributed underground to trenches in much the same way as septic water is normal distributed to trenches.

Because of the fats and oils, food and cooking scraps, a grease trap can become quite smelly. It is a good idea to have them completely pumped out every 3-6 month by a local septic pumpout company. Typical cost for pumpout of a grease trap is $35-$45. Well worth it because this keeps on top of any excess build up in the grease trap itself, typically situated outside the kitchen window and often responsible for bad odours at the kitchen sink. Keeping the grease trap well maintained will reduce odour problems at the greywater pumpout end as well.

Easyfix #1

Using Odour Control Spray as a general cleaner in the kitchen especially at the sink will inoculate the drain lines and grease trap helping prevent odours. A handful of Smellgone Odour Control Powder directly to the surface of the water in the grease trap will assist greatly in minimising odours. This can be added any time there is a problem but works best if added soon after a grease trap pumpout.

Best fix #2

For tough grease trap smells or sink blockages we also produce a specialist GT Treat which contains bacteria which just love to eat fats, grease and oils, it is their favourite and preferred food. This means they actually consume the fats, grease and oil, not just break them down as enzyme only cleaners do. The Smellgone bacteria control smells and reduce pumpout frequency. GT Treat Liquid is available in our shop in the Wastewater section in a 1, 5 or 25 litre pack or as GT Treat Powder in a 500 g packet or 12 kg drum.

For slow kitchen sink drains, pour liquid GT Treat as per directions on container, at night. Or for a concentrated treatment make up a slurry of GT Treat Powder and wash down the drain, again leave it over night for best effect.