Problems and Solutions

Doggy Smell in Carpets, Furnishings, Cars

Spray the effected area with Smellgone Rapid, it is only necessary to lightly spray, just enough to dampen the surface. Allow to dry overnight and respray the following day if necessary

If there is a particular area of stain or residue, lightly rub Odour Control Powder into the carpet pile at the rate of 250 ml (1 cupful) per square metre of surface. Then lightly spray with Smellgone Rapid to dampen the surface and allow to dry overnight. Repeat the spray treatment (with the powder still in place), the following day if necessary. When dry, and the smell gone, vacuum up the powder.

smellgone for dog odours

Cleaning up after your new puppy?

Put on some rubber gloves and clean up any solids and excess liquid with paper towels and dispose of in the rubbish.

Spray the soiled area thoroughly with Odour Control Spray, soak up excess moisture with a cleaning sponge, rinse sponge in a bucket of water.

Repeat this 1-2 times more, until the area is clean. Leave the area as dry as you can just by using the sponge. Dispose of the rinse water down the drain.

The good bacteria in the spray will eat up any remaining wastes and smells. They will also eat up the 'bad' bacteria, effectively sanitising the area. All traces of puppy's misdeamanour have been removed so your puppy is unlikely to come back and mark the same place again.

smellgone for dog odours

Controlling That Doggy Smell

Your Dogs Bed

Your dogs bed or sleeping mat may at times become smelly. If it does, or as a preventative measure, spray lightly with Odour Control Spray..

Spray the dog's bed or mat all over, a fine mist is enough, do not 'wet' the area through. Repeat daily until odour is controlled, 4-5 days is often sufficient and a 'maintenance' spray once a week or so, after that.

smellgone for dog odours If your dog is elderly and suffers from incontinence, wash the soiled bedding as normal. While it is drying, mist both sides thoroughly and allow to completely dry. The bed or mat is now thoroughly 'inoculated' with the good bacteria which will fight odours and help eat-up wastes as they occur.

Dalmatian-on-matYou can also mist/spray your dog's coat/blanket in the same way, to control doggy smells between washes.

If your dog bed mattress/pad has a removable cover, distribute a good handful of Odour Control Powder between the liner, for both sides of the mattress/pad. OC Powder is a very effective long term odour control product and is non toxic to your dog.

Where Your Dog Sleeps

If your dog sleeps in the laundry or another small room, that area may become smelly. Mist the area with Odour Control Spray

If your dog spends a lot of time out on the verandah or porch, spray that area with the Odour Control Spray. The Super Spray Pack is especially useful for larger areas.

For control of smells inside areas such as dog kennels, use Smellgone Rapid. This ready to use spray has added ingredients that will aggressively control difficult smells and works especially well in confined areas.


"Wow! I'm really impressed with the product!!! (Smellgone Odour Control Spray). It does *exactly* what the name says: smell all gone! Thank you so much. The dog is a bit prone to rolling in disgusting things like dead birds/fish and various, um, excretions which she obviously finds highly delightful. I can't say the same. So some of her blankets, & places on the carpet where she lies can get a bit whiffy. I sprayed them lightly with the spray... and now it really is all gone. I'm very happy."

Jane, satisfied customer, Preston, VIC, July 2011

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