Problems and Solutions

smellgone for cat odours

Smelly Cat Litter Tray?

Simply add a handful of Smellgone Odour Control Powder to your normal cat litter material. The beneficial microbes in the powder actually eat up the smells meaning no more stale urine and cat poo smells.
When you change the litter material, weekly or more often, add a new handful of Smellgone Powder to the tray.
Works with all types of litter material, dried crushed clay, lucerne pellets, pelletised recycled paper, etc.

smellgone for cat odours

Cat Urine Smell?

To get rid of annoying cat urine smells from beds, carpet, furniture or wall, just spray the effected area with either Smellgone Odour Control Spray or ready to use Smellgone Rapid.

Test the spray on an inconspicuous area first. Just lightly mist the area, sponge dry and mist and sponge dry again.

Leave the effected area to dry naturally overnight or longer.

Very absorbent materials such as carpet or soft furnishings may require a repeat application once the first application has dried.

Cat Spray/Marking and Stud Cats

Use Smellgone Rapid for this difficult to control behavior. SG Rapid is a ready to use spray with added ingredients which actually digest concentrated odours. Just spray 2-3 puffs of SG Rapid onto the effected area, as soon as possible after the spraying/marking has occurred. If using on fabrics or upholstery, test SG Rapid on an inconspicous area first.

Cat Breeders and Boarding Catteries

If you are a cat breeder or boarding cattery please contact us for more information on odour control to suit your particular circumstances This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Cat Litter Tray Smells

June 2011 via Email Basically, I've tried every kitty litter on the market, AND tried all dried cat food and still whenever my cats use the kitty litter you can smell it all through our home. I’ve also had a container of bi-carb soda in the bedroom to soak up the stench and even that doesn't work. Due to the fact my fiancé and I keep the cats in our bedroom at night so the cats don't roam all over the house at night, our room constantly smells of cat waste.

5 July 2011 via Email Hi Robert, SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!! Your product (Odour Control Powder) worked!!! We've only used a large handful each of your product and its worked. So in the future I'd like to be able to become a regular customer. Very happy and relieved. Thank you.

Kim, satisfied customer, Dandenong VIC, July 2011